Apr 2023:

  • Man Qi joins the group as a postdoc to lead work on UAVs and drone monitoring of community resilience.

Mar 2023:

  • The group is attending, presenting talks, and running a demographic workshop at the EvoDemos 2023 conference in Paris.
  • Rob has received a £1M NERC Pushing the Frontiers grant to examine the drivers of resilience across levels of biological organisation
  • Erola has received a MSCA fellowship to (re-)join the group, starting later in 2023.
  • Work with collaborator Ben Blonder on trait-based control theory accepted for publication in Oikos. 
  • Our opinion piece on caloric restriction accepted for publication in Journal of Gerontology. Read preprint here.
  • Our work on Keyfitz entropy in comparative demography published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Read more here.

Feb 2023:

  • The team's work, led by Connor, on the MOSAIC database accepted in Scientific Data. Read preprint here and visit the website here.
  • Our latest piece on demographic synthesis in tree conservation is now out on TREE.
  • Arjan has joined the group to examine the effects of climate change and poaching on endemic succulent South African plants.
  • Marcel has joined the group to develop UAV methods to non-destructively quantify plant stress.

Jan 2023:

  • Roberto's work on the effects of human threats in reptile diversity accepted in Nature Communications. Read preprint here.
  • Our "10 simple rules" piece in trait-based ecology is out. Read more here.
  • We have contributed to a recent publication in Ecosphere on the next directions of synthetic ecology. Read more here.
  • Rob has obtained an ARC grant with Diana Fisher (Univ Queensland) to examine the drivers of semelparity in animals and plants.
  • Alice Rosen joins the group to carry out her BBSRC DTP DPhil rotation, where she will model the population dynamics of eucalypts using LiDAR data.
  • Read our response to our latest TREE paper here.


Dec 2022:

  • John has published our work on UAV image pipelines to quantify grassland diversity. Read more here.
  • Erola has obtained a John Fell Funds grant to examine the eco physiological responses of plants to stress in RainDrop.
  • The team is attending the BES annual meeting in Edinburgh. We currently have 17 presentations under review, and are running the workshop "Comparative demography with stage-based models", and a thematic session "Species distribution mechanistic forecasting to overcome climate uncertainty: novel approaches and opportunities".
  • Rob received a teaching award at Pembroke College.


summary of robs talk at standford 2019 credit callie chappell
james presenting his research at the nerc ipm course on coral demography and community ecology credit r salguero gomez