January 2021:

  • 9th year of mistletoe demographic data at Imperial Silwood, and 2nd year around Oxford
  • Anna Vinton joins the team as an NSF postdoctoral fellow to explore thermal performance of fruit flies
  • Papers published in Global Change Biology, Conservation Science and Practice, and Science Advances

February 2021:

  • Two Marie Curie fellowships funded. Maja Kajin and John Park will join the team later in 2021.
  • Papers accepted in Journal of Animal Ecology, Nature Communications, PPEES, and Ecology and Evolution
  • Two special features published: demographic models in Ecological Modelling, and clonal plant ecology in PPEES.

March 2021:

  • Rob giving a seminar at Aarhus Uni, Denmark

April 2021:

  • John Jackson joins the team to develop fast, reliable and cheap pipelines for ecological monitoring wiht drones, autonomous robots, and AI

March 2021:

  • Rob giving a seminar at Lincoln Uni, UK

August 2021:

  • Book on "Demographic Methods across the Tree of Life" by Rob Salguero-Gomez and Marlene Gamelon comes out (published by Oxford University Press)
  • The team is running two workshops (on COMPADRE and on IPM modelling) and an Organised Oral Session at the ESA 2021 in Long Beach, CA
  • Maja Kajin joins the team supported by a Marie Curie Actions Fellowship

October 2021:

  • John Park joins the team supported by a Marie Curie Actions Fellowship
summary of robs talk at standford 2019 credit callie chappell
james presenting his research at the nerc ipm course on coral demography and community ecology credit r salguero gomez