About Us

The Salgo Team is composed by an interdisciplinary group of ecologists and evolutionary biologists led by Assoc. Prof. Rob Salguero-Gómez. We work on the following research areas:

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  • Drivers of life history strategies
  • The evolution of and escape from senescence
  • Functional trait demography
  • Species distributions and habitat suitability
  • Life history oddities and gaps of knowledge
  • Conservation biology and population forecast
  • Comparative demography
  • Population modelling

The SalGo team’s ultimate goal is to examine the mechanisms and consequences of demographic variation in species across the tree of life. We do so by using an integrative research programme that includes genetics, metabolomics, biochemical, anatomic, ecophysiological, demographic and macroecological approaches. Our work combines field experimental manipulations, ecological modelling, and comparative analyses.



Our research is supported by: